Klacto Animations has recently completed a 21-minute short animation film based on the last musical score written by the late Linda McCartney
Oscar Grillo, who worked in collaboration with Paul McCartney for his production company MPL, believes "Shadow Cycle" is the most beautiful and challenging work of his career as an animator.

"Shadow Cycle" is a dreamlike creation based on a subject matter not usually touched on in the form of animation. It is a work of love and emotional fantasy intertwined with the cycle of life and death, represented by the reflecting shadows of the characters as they travel through their life's journey.

Everyone involved in "Shadow Cycle" is extremely happy with the results and would really like it to be seen by public at large soon. The film's stunning colours and fabulous imagery have to be shared.

The British Premiere will be at the London Film Festival in November 2001.

  "Shadow Cycle" U.K. 2001
Animation, Colour, 35mm, Dolby Surround Stereo
Running time 21 minutes
Music composed by Linda McCartney
Orchestrated by John Harle
Scenario by Oscar Grillo & Paul McCartney
Design and Direction by Oscar Grillo
Produced by Klacto Animations
For MPL Pictures Ltd.
© 2001 MPL Pictures Ltd.

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